Breast cancer grading guided by nuclei-related features in HE-stained pathological images(Rui Yan et al.)

Our released dataset includes a total of 3644 H&E stained breast invasive ductal carcinoma pathological images. Among them, 2486 images were acquired under 20X magnification and 1158 images were acquired under 40X magnification.

The first number of the file name of each pathological image indicates its corresponding breast invasive ductal carcinoma grading. For example, “1—YYY24783-8-HE-40x-1.jpg” corresponds to grade 1,”2—YYY05842-9-HE-40x-12.jpg” corresponds to grade 2, and “3—YYY23286-21-20x-8.jpg” corresponds to grade 3.

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